“Quantum Energy – Bringing Clarity I Focus I Resolution to the global energy industry.

The energy sector is an important driver of economic, industrial and social development. While traditional energy sources such as oil and gas remain key elements in the global energy basket, renewable and sustainable energy sources are becoming the fuels of the future.

The world is currently facing a dual challenge – meeting the growing demand for energy to support economic and social development while mitigating the environmental impact of climate change.

The sustainable energy sector is multi-faceted, from solar to wind, wave power to biofuels and green energy is the fastest-growing source of energy in the world. Traditional fossil fuel energy sources are also investing heavily in technology to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and play a part in the green energy revolution. With these global issues in mind – Quantum is playing its part.

Quantum Energy has been formed to enable Quantum to strengthen their ability to offer the energy sector additional expert support in the areas of procurement, project management, constructability support, dispute avoidance, dispute management, expert services, opinion and testimony in matters of quantum, delay, construction management and technical review – particularly in the renewables sector. Our team understands global regulatory and policy changes and have experience to guide their energy projects from concept to completion or ‘cradle to grave’.

In addition, as an integrated division of Quantum Global Solutions, Quantum Energy’s clients will be able to utilise the company’s unique differentiators including our partnership with construction delay and disruption technology specialists, Construction Dynamics and Quantum Digital, our inhouse claims movies creative specialists bringing visual clarity to the most complicated construction problems.

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Our energy experts’ knowledge is an untapped, unrivalled resource for energy companies during the lifecycle of their energy project.

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