Construction Dynamics Solutions

Construction Dynamics Solutions (CDS) is an independent consultancy dedicated to the recovery of disruption and delay costs on construction projects.

With twenty years of experience in using dynamic simulation to quantify and allocate disruption and delay on complex projects, CDS consultants have been involved in over a dozen major claims totalling over US$ 6 billion in damages.

Dynamic Disruption and Delay Analysis (D3A) is based upon the System Dynamics simulation methodology. Thanks to the work undertaken by CDS on a successful construction claim, this methodology was recently included by the Society of Construction Law in its standard toolkit for assessing disruption (Delay and Disruption Protocol, 2nd edition 2017).

CDS is committed to continuous investment to ensure that their work remains at the leading edge of dynamic technology worldwide. By working collaboratively with our clients, CDS quickly adapt their procedures to fit all operational and legal frameworks.

Dr. Sam Mattar

Alexander Voigt

Construction Dynamics Solutions LLC
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CDS is proud to have been the first to successfully introduce ‘System Dynamics’ to construction claims in the Middle East… a decade ahead of its inclusion in the Delay and Disruption Protocol of the Society of Construction Law. Dr. Sam Mattar

D3A fully represents and simulates all disruption and delay issues on major construction projects, providing full visibility to our clients, judges and arbitrators. Alex Voigt

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