Rob Valenta – Creative Director

Rob Valenta is the Creative Director at Quantum’s sister company Quantum Digital. He looks after Quantum’s in-house media studios in Doha and London, where he manages his talented teams of designers and artists in both studios. Rob is responsible for the creative direction of Quantum’s unique multimedia solutions, publishing and creative marketing.

In addition Rob serves all Quantum’s international blue chip clients with captivating visual and creative solutions. His career started at the BBC Television Centre in London, where he transformed the weather report graphics from 2d to 3d, as well as producing and organising real-time graphics for BBC’s live coverage of the UK local elections and the 1997 UK General Election. Upon leaving the BBC, Rob submerged himself into the vibrant and highly creative London’s Soho advertising and creative melting pot. During these colourful years, Rob had the pleasure working with some of the biggest brands in the world, in particular producing Star Wars print work directly for Lucas Films in the United States. Prior in joining Quantum, Rob was a Director for one of the top architectural visualisation studios in the UK producing architectural and animated walkthroughs for some of the most recognisable landmark developments in London.

Rob has a BA (Hons) in Art & Design – specialised in Technical Illustration and Information Graphics.

Energy Focus

  • LNG
  • Gas to Liquid (GTL) processing
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