Steven Beaumont presents to Society of Construction Law in Hong Kong

Steven Beaumont presents to Society of Construction Law in Hong Kong

At Quantum our philosophy is to share knowledge and enhance understanding of the many issues that affect contractors and clients in the construction industry and security of payment is a major issue for our industry at the present time”, stated Steven Beaumont, Quantum Asian Regional Director, during his presentation opening address to members of the Society of Construction Law in Hong Kong.

The presentation entitled, ‘The Security of Payment legislation in Hong Kong and taking lessons and experience from the UK’, included questions and debate by attendees who welcomed the opportunity to discuss this important matter.

Speaking after the event, Beaumont noted, “The recent Hong Kong government budget 2017-18 stated that government spending on capital works will increase 39% in 2017-2018 to HK$86.8 billion from $62.4 billion in 2012-2013 and according to government estimates, the construction industry will contribute 4.7% to Hong Kong’s GDP.  These welcomed increases will form the basis of many new projects and we welcome an opportunity to meet with Hong Kong’s industry professionals, the people who will construct these new projects, to discuss some fundamental issues related to our experience managing large scale, rapidly executed developments.

Quantum is acknowledged as one of the leading management consultants dedicated to serving the interests of the international construction and engineering industries.  In addition to regular industry presentations, Quantum is also actively involved in the presentation of training courses and mentoring programmes.

Since its foundation in 1983, the Society of Construction Law has worked to promote for the public benefit education, study and research in the field of construction law and related subjects (including arbitration and adjudication), both in the UK and overseas. The Society now has 2875 members from all sectors of the construction industry. It is run by a Council of 20 elected members.