Forensic Planning

Quantum appreciates the importance of accurate and detailed planning.

As projects continue to increase in size and complexity with accelerated programmes for delivery – it is crucial to establish a workable programme from the outset that recognises contractor, client and engineer obligations and is correctly linked to react to change.

Client requirements are increasingly demanding due to the need of attention to detail when using planning programmes with numerous activities. These software’s are critical tools for accomplishing projects and require consistent managing and updating from the development stage to completion and handing over of the assignment.

  • We understand the requirement for accurate planning
  • We support our clients as experts in their field to plan their projects successfully
  • We manage the programme incorporating change and unexpected events
  • We use the programme as a clear and compelling tool to demonstrate the impact of change in relation to time and effect on subsequent activities


Typical services provided:

  • Tender period – understanding scope and developing the tender programme
  • Contract Award – preparation and support to secure timely approval of the baseline programme which includes contractor, client and Engineer obligations and is correctly linked to react to change
  • Construction period – maintain progress updates
    • Change management – determine impact of change to support time and cost entitlement submissions clearly demonstrating impact on subsequent activities and project completion date
    • Maintain as-built updates
    • Extension of Time submissions
    • Recovery / acceleration programmes
  • Project close out and handover – As-built programme