Dispute Resolution

Quantum believe in amicable resolution of issues.

In our experience the vast majority of issues can be settled through a proactive alternative dispute resolution process. The ability to communicate complex engineering and construction issues, combined with an understanding of the market are imperative in the settlement of disputes though alternative resolution forums.

However, there are cases  when parties cannot reach an amicable resolution and the formal dispute process has to be followed to secure a fair and reasonable settlement for time and cost entitlement issues.


  • We provide clear, comprehensive and compelling  entitlement submissions to support the formal dispute process;
  • We work in partnership with our client’s legal team
  • We prepare rebuttals for counter claims
  • We recommend the use of high end multi-media presentations to demonstrate our client’s entitlement which is of particular benefit for non-technical third parties to understand often technical and complex engineering issues
  • We support the full process through to final resolution