Commercial Claims

Quantum acknowledges that projects continue to grow in size and complexity with construction being a dynamic process where change is inevitable. It depends entirely on how we manage that can either lead to success or disputes in projects.

We take a proactive and hands-on approach in managing change with the goal to reach an amicable resolution without the need to resort to a formal dispute process.

Change results in additional time and cost. Any change to the plan, be presented in a clear and concise manner at the time rather than upon completion of the project. This would allow both parties mutually to agree on the quantum of time and cost.

Quantum prefers to use the term ‘Entitlement’ as opposed to ‘Claim’.

  • We embrace this entitlement
  • We prepare clear and concise entitlement submissions  that depict the  contractual merit including direct and indirect impact and maximising entitlement to time and cost
  • We recommend the use of high end multi-media presentations to demonstrate our client’s position in a clear and convincing manner enabling a full understanding triggering negotiations for an amicable settlement
  • We work with our clients to reach agreement on the quantum of change


Typical services provided:

  • Scope change identification
  • Issuance of notices
  • Scope change evaluation – time and cost
  • Preparation of entitlement submissions including but not limited to
    • Variations and change orders
    • Extension of Time submissions
    • Delay only and prolongation costs
    • Delay and disruption entitlement submissions including loss and expense
    • Disruption only entitlement submissions
    • Contractual dispute / opinion
    • Position / strategy documents