Rob Valenta presents Quantum Digital to Paris audience

2017-07-21T09:39:16+00:00 May 2nd, 2017|Company News|

With the ever growing desire to encourage construction negotiations and amicable settlements and avoid expensive and protracted disputes, Quantum Digital’s Creative Director, Rob Valenta, was recently invited to Paris by Degrémont a subsidiary of Suez Environment to make a presentation to construction and legal professionals on the use of multi-media in resolving construction disputes without conflict

In his presentation, entitled, ‘CSI meets Construction’, Rob showcased a wide range of media projects and production disciplines. These included accurate and to scale 3d CAD modelling, 3d animated construction sequences, forensic claim movies, interactive multimedia presentations and printing visualisations, which can be used for negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, court or tender submissions.

One of the key highlights of the presentation was a case study on the T3 Highway Project in Hong Kong. For this project, Quantum Digital produced a 12 minute forensic claim movie that was used in court, where the client secured a final settlement within six weeks. A unique element of this case was the hands-on involvement of one of the UK’s top construction barristers.  This experience in particular caught the audience’s interest – a construction barrister, more or less, directing a successful forensic claim movie alongside Rob and his team.

Speaking after the presentation, Rob Valenta said, “It is tempting to say, ‘A picture is worth a 1000 words’.  However, there is a lot more complexity to Quantum Digital’s forensic graphics and animations, as they focus on visual psychology, design methodology and cinematography, linking human emotion and responses – a key factor in decision making.  Our graphics are truly unique but for many people it’s still a relatively new medium.  We hope today’s knowledge sharing presentation will encourage more people to consider multi-media graphics as part of their future dispute resolution strategy.”

In concluding his presentation Rob hosted a question and answer session during which a Contract Director in the audience noted, “I’m really looking forward to utilising this multi-media method of communication. The graphics gave a visual clarity that is difficult to achieve in words.”

About Quantum Global Solutions

Quantum Global Solutions (Quantum) is acknowledged as one of the leading management consultancies dedicated to serving the interests of the international construction and engineering industries.  Contractual entitlement issues are commonplace in the construction industry regularly leading to disputes, especially in rapidly developing and expanding markets. The company has earned a reputation for its unique and innovative approach to providing strategic solutions to construction claims resolution and the demands of clients including the preparation of entitlement claims, forensic planning analysis and the resolution of construction disputes.