Quantum agrees long-term partnership with PAWS Rescue Centre

Quantum agrees long-term partnership with PAWS Rescue Centre

Quantum Global Solutions (QGS) recently held a special celebration to mark the start of their long-term partnership with PAWS Rescue Qatar and to celebrate raising QR8400 to repatriate homeless and abandoned dogs and cats to the USA, UK and Europe.  The money was raised through employee donations which were then matched by QGS.

One of the dogs destined for the USA, Storm, an American husky, had been found in the streets of Doha and taken to PAWS Rescue Qatar.  Through their established animal ‘fostering’ programme Storm has been fostered for the past two months while funds were raised to cover his medical bills, vaccinations, micro-chipping, neutering and airfare costs to send him to his new long-term home.

PAWS Rescue Qatar is a non-profit, volunteer-resourced, animal welfare organisation that is dedicated to the rescuing and rehoming of animals in Qatar.  The shelter currently houses dogs and over 100 cats (and one rabbit) who also live in and around the compound area.

Speaking after the ceremony, Caroline Fernandez stated, “Everyone at PAWS would like to thank the employees and management at Quantum for their generous donations towards our rescue fund for Storm – a husky rescued by one of PAWS team members. He came to our shelter needing safety and love and ideally a ticket to somewhere cooler where he belongs. He was taken from our shelter into a foster home and will begin the process of repatriation from Qatar to cooler climbs and a forever family.’’

’Our employees, led by Natalie Findlay, all came together to raise the money to send Storm to his new home and to also raise awareness on the great work undertaken by PAWS for homeless animals in Qatar,’’ said Peter Murphy, QGS Managing Director.  ‘’As a company we were delighted to match the employees contributions to further raise the fund which has immediately enabled two more dogs to be rehomed overseas.  We look forward to developing further long-term initiatives with PAWS over the coming months.’’