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Do we really need to communicate?

Matthew Schofield and Sean Vernon at Quantum continue their series of articles on the construction industry. This month, Matthew discusses how communication is a critical component in project management.

What if Qatar Lost the World Cup?

Until recently it seemed as if not a day went by without the European press publishing articles about the Qatar World Cup and making complaints about the procurement of the rights to host the competition.

Disruption claims: Counting the cost

Disruption in construction stands for loss of productivity on a project. Disruption claims is a huge problem and its numbers in the construction industry are pretty frightening, writes Tom Kapapa.


Now, you might say how does golf relate to a construction project? In reflection it is actually amazing how most sports and day-to-day activities mirror one another, and golf is no different.

It’s just not Tennis

This month Jon Sanderson and Matthew Schofield, Quantum Associate Directors, pick up the proverbial batten and continue to run with the how sport has more in common with the construction industry than you might think.

The Final Whistle – Part 2

In December of 2014 I wrote an article which was titled, ‘The Final Whistle’. This is ‘The Final Whistle – Part 2’. It isn’t uncommon when movies are made for there to be a sequel and I guess this is my sequel…

We are on programme apparently, are the Teams ready?

I began these articles some time ago and the theme was football and how if you think carefully, there are similarities with construction. I then went on to look at things we take for granted in everyday life and how construction has helped these things evolve.

Building Systems and a Model

You will recall my last article looked at mobile phones, how they have evolved from the traditional telephone and the widespread applications such as the camera can assist with record keeping on a construction project simply by taking a photo.

Are we always on call?

Mobile phones, or cell phones, or hand phones, depending on where you are from in the world, are quite frankly, a necessary and useful tool. They bring communication between friends, colleagues and businesses to a point where we are all contactable…

Were on the road … to where?

Roads are an essential tool for everyday life to operate; roads are actually an asset to a nation and its economy. In their most basic form, roads are simple corridors to move people and goods safely from A to B and then onto C.

The Correct Flight Path

We rejoiced in April 2014 when Hamad International Airport finally opened and the airport’s first flight from Bahrain landed. It is nearly one year since that occasion so I thought we should consider the impact the airport will have or has had on Qatar so far.

The Last Train

Last year we considered the relationship between construction projects and football and realised there are some similarities with their individual problems.

The Final Whistle

When football is on the television there are always former players who review the game, they explain what went wrong and how the game would have been so much different if they had been playing.

Training Does Help

I have recently been working on a construction dispute in the Far East. The dispute had all the ingredients we have previously highlighted, poor records, poor performance, inadequate design and the parties were entrenched in their positions and not talking.

World Cup and the Movies …

Did you see the recent World Cup from Brazil, if you didn’t it would take me until 2015 to write all about it. If you did you will appreciate that a picture tells a thousand words and watching the games on television is much easier than reading about it.

Let’s learn now, not later …

Qatar is now embarking on the delivery of the first of its World Cup infrastructure projects, and it was good to see that earlier this month the first contract to build the Al Wakrah football stadium was awarded.


Quantum is among the market leaders in providing contractual, commercial, and forensic planning consultancy services to a diverse range of contractors and clients locally in Qatar, and supporting clients around the globe.

Project planning done right

Every industry has its inherent set of problems, and construction is no exception. As projects continue to increase in size and complexity with accelerated programmes for delivery, so do delays and disruptions.

Demonstrating Extensions of Time: Do we need P6?

The construction market in Qatar is progressing at an unprecedented pace – delivery periods for projects are right owing to the fixed deadlines of the 2022 World Cup and the 2019 World Athletics Championship.

Back-to-back contracts, can they truly exist?

Qatar’s construction market is booming, dynamic and expanding at a very fast pace. The next few years will continue to see even more volatility with increasing construction activities as we count down to a few major events and ultimately the 2022 World Cup.

Face-to-face with David Kelly

Nominated by managing director, Peter Murphy, Kelly was a little taken aback at finding himself on the CWQ Awards shortlist initially, and was truly at a loss for words when he discovered he won the award.

Constructive acceleration

A good construction project is like a finely tuned machine, the elements of the project move seamlessly around efficiently completing the tasks.

Qatar’s Construction Crush

Multi-million contracts are being awarded almost weekly, with Qatar Rail taking on one of the most comprehensive and high tech rail systems in the region and Public Works Authority, Ashghal, awarding contracts across every discipline…