Expert Services

Construction disputes are normally extremely complex and specialised. Quantum experts can assist a client’s legal team in framing claim and defence cases and documentation. Our team are able to quickly and efficiently draw upon their experience to identify the real issues in dispute allowing for a more focused submission.

A proactive and understanding approach permits Quantum to integrate its services seamlessly into the preparation of the various stages of a case allowing the client’s legal team to focus on the legal issues whilst providing them with a technical understanding of the issues.

Expert Witnesses

Quantum is able to provide a team of experienced experts who are able to review evidence and prepare clear and concise reports. Our expert’s disciplines include forensic planning, construction cost control and delay and disruption quantum. Our services comprise:

  • Initial and preliminary advice – review of available documentation, statements of claim, defence and providing an initial opinion.
  • Strengths and weaknesses review – detailed review of the evidence and position of the parties including best and worst case scenarios and outlining the parties’ technical strengths and weaknesses.
  • Expert reports – analysis of the evidence and provision of expert witness statements/reports based on forensic examination of evidence and substantiation of all opinions.
  • Testimony – expert witnesses to provide detailed testimony at the hearing.

Learn more about our experts and their experience below:

Quantum and Delay Experts

Ian Maund

Quantum and Delay Expert

Andrew Woodward

Quantum and Delay Expert

Martin McClenn

Quantum and Delay Expert

Colin Russell

Quantum and Delay Expert

Delay Experts

David Wright

Delay Expert

Terry Dawson

Delay Expert

Mike Rawson

Delay Expert

Lucia Vernon

Delay Expert

Matthew Schofield

Delay Expert

Quantum Experts

Steven Beaumont

Quantum Expert

Svetlana Borisova

Quantum Expert

Jon Sanderson

Quantum and Delay Expert

David Lomax

Quantum Expert

Simon Metcalf

Quantum Expert


Gordon Tregaskis


Ranald Crook

Technical Expert