As part of its commitment to the community Quantum’s Peter and Mhairi Murphy recently worked with Gulf Canine Connection, BarkinQ and 2nd Chance to repatriate five dogs including two huskies to the New York City area.

Known as ‘’flight buddies’’ Peter and Mhairi facilitated the relocation of the five dogs named Charles, Angel, Noor, Leil and Natalie. Anybody can do the same by calling the rescue groups and letting them know when you are due to fly and they will manage all the details both in Doha and at locations in the USA, Canada or Europe. Flight buddies do not pay any costs and the dogs are collected to be taken to their forever home upon your arrival at your destination.

Gulf Canine Connection can be contacted via email on, BarkinnQ on 5573 2144 and 2nd Chance on 5540 6254.

‘’As long-term residents of Qatar, we have been fortunate to be able to give a home to two dogs and two cats in recent years. While arranging our flights to New York to attend a conference we decided to pay back to the rescue groups by helping to relocate less fortunate dogs where a long-term forever home in Qatar isn’t possible,’’ said Peter Murphy, Quantum Managing Director. ‘’Just last month one of our team, Matthew Schofield, President of Quantum’s Washington operations also relocated a dog to New York and we plan as a company to continue to help as ‘flight buddies’ wherever we can.’’

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