Quantum Global Solutions - Embrace your Entitlement

Quantum integrates commercial skills with in-depth industry knowledge to proficiently manage projects from inception to completion.

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Quantum Media Productions - It All Starts With A Little Vision

Quantum Media uses its expertise in 3D visualisation to create detailed and informative videos for Quantum’s clients.

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Global Solutions For A World Developing At An Ever Increasing Rate.

Quantum’s ‘family’ of experienced professionals work around the world helping to develop growing regions.

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Innovation In Animation

Quantum’s media team encompass decades of experience in developing personalised multimedia packages and presentations for Quantum and its clients.

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Quantum Has Experience In All Construction Industries

Quantum provides specialist contractual, commercial and forensic planning services across the full spectrum of the construction industry.

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90% Of Information Entering The Brain Is Visual

Quantum Media excels in taking full advantage of that percentage, working with Quantum’s clients to create powerful media packages.

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Quantum Is Always Looking For More Experienced Staff

Get in touch if you are interested in joining our Quantum Family. We are always looking to expand and develop.

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Our Brains Process Visuals 60,000 Times Faster Than Text

Our in-house team of media professionals have spent years finding the best ways to use that statistic to represent Quantum’s client’s needs.

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About Us

Quantum Global Solutions (Quantum) is a British founded and managed company, operating globally with our head office in the Middle East. We are a construction support consultancy partnering with many of the leading contractors, lawyers and employers around the world.

At Quantum, our philosophy is Clarity, Focus and Resolution. We provide contractual, commercial and planning support to construction teams with particular expertise in forensic delay and quantum analysis. We specialise in the preparation of entitlement submissions for resolution of construction claims and disputes.

Quantum works extensively in the Middle East with our clients and their projects across the GCC, serviced from our regional offices in Doha, Dubai, Riyadh and Amman. Outside of the Middle East, we have teams operating in the US, Europe and Asia, managed out of our offices in Chicago, Istanbul, Seoul and Hong Kong. We have over 100 specialists including experts in many fields, such as Chartered Engineers, Chartered Surveyors, Contracts/Commercial Specialists, Quantity Surveyors, Forensic Delay Analysts and Media Specialists.

Quantum is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and are committed to setting and upholding the highest standards of excellence.

With contractual entitlement issues being commonplace in the construction industry and regularly leading to disputes, Quantum has earned a strong reputation for delivering success, through effective partnering and deployment of particular technical expertise. As part of an array of strategies to deliver early settlement of claims and disputes, one unique method Quantum uses to trigger negotiations and avoid protracted dispute is through the use of fully animated, multi-media presentations using creative and dynamic multimedia techniques.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier global forensic analysis and dispute resolution consultancy providing clarity, focus and solutions for the construction industry by 2020. We aspire to have all our partners’ projects completed without disputes, through promoting harmonious working relationships between parties.


To help our partners avoid disputes and deliver profitability through promoting positive working relationships.

Quantum Family

The Quantum family is a fundamental cornerstone in how we operate. Our employees are the key to both our success and the high level of professional service we deliver to our clients.

We recognise the wider Quantum family including wives and children and make every effort to get together and celebrate the success of our company in supporting the ongoing development and growth throughout the Gulf and the rest of the world.

We employ individuals who are committed to excellence and distinguished professionalism – do you have what it takes to join the family and enjoy our continued success?

Get in touch if you think you do…

Quantum Philosophy

At Quantum our Corporate Philosophy is built on six key pillars:

  • Excellence – not a skill but an attitude
  • Customer focus – a commitment to exceed our clients expectations
  • Integrity – integrity is a mainstay of our business operations
  • Innovation – our innovative and solutions-based approach is integral to our business philosophy
  • Solution-based creativity  – utilising creative approaches to proactively find resolutions amicably
  • Quantum Family – a results-based team of  like-minded professionals who are committed to their clients and who want to develop their careers

Construction News

Stay up to date with construction news from all around the Middle East.

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